Jon Lybrook

Jon Lybrook is Highered-survey.com's System Administrator & Maintainer

Jon Lybrook Jon Lybrook is the developer and system administrator currently responsbile for the code and secure system behind highered-survey.com. He began working on updating and maintaining highered-survey.com system around 2002, in conjunction with the creator, Art Smoot of AES Consulting in Boulder, Colorado. Jon brought the survey's user interface up-to-date from the early days of the web to a more customizable state, incorporating Cascading Style Sheets with the program.

Jon was able to acquire extensive Perl development and development experience maintaining the survey system over the years due to the versitility and complexity of the code, along with many other projects he build from concept to completion.

In addition to his computer work on the highered-survey.com project and web development, Jon Lybrook's fine art printmaking innovations have also garnered attention in his approach to traditional photogravure printmaking using polymer plates.

More information about Jon Lybrook on the Tera Bear Consulting website.